• The ultimate quality choice when nothing but premium metal components will do.

• Exclusive all-climate engineered design that’s fully adjustable for cold weather.

• Three year tarp warranty and lifetime frame warranty!

• NO drilling, NO damage!

• One-handed tail rail quick release with the patented “ClickLock™” corner system.

• “SnapStopper™” keeps snaps on the rail when tarp is rolled up for bulk hauling.

• The “TuffSnaps™” stainless steel and brass snaps will not break. Field tested & proven.

• Easy, fast installation (no tools needed) and instant access to truck bed & cargo.

• Famous Extang engineering, quality workmanship and excellent customer service.

Snaps are your tonno’s most important part:
Extang’s newly designed stainless steel and brass snaps will not break. The smallest part of the Platinum Tonno System is one of the largest reasons why Extang tonnos are America’s favorite.
Extang makes the only tonnos that work well in cold climates.

Stud low for tight fit in hot weather

Slide off, flip over, then slide on again

Stud high for looser fit in cold weather

Extang’s SNAPSTOPPER™ is a small detail that means a lot. Roll up your tarp, carry a large load and the snaps will stay on the rail.

Quicker Installation:
Our TUFFKLAMPS™ simply drop into the rail channels (works well with bed liners). Easy on. Clamps tight.

Corners securely attach:
An easy pull disengages your tail rail for bulk hauling. To resecure: slide and click, your tail rail is locked in place. You’ll be impressed with CLICKLOCK’s high quality spring loaded stainless steel ball bearings that click into place with such a satisfying feel.

Bow height adjustment:
Extang’s Monster Bows™ quickly click on and off with no tools. It’s fast and easily done with one hand. The TUFFKLAMPs™ allow two bow heights: High for maximum water shedding in harsh weather, and for improved gas mileage. low for sporty good looks and cold weather tonno attachment.

Tarps designed for strength & good looks:
Corners don’t buckle up due to parachute grade nylon corner reinforcements. Snaps & corners are backed with thick polymer forcing the corners and edges to lie smooth and look good in any weather. The thick polymer edging also keeps your snaps from ripping out!

3 quick, easy steps for bulk hauling:
1. Roll up & secure your tarp.

Your tarp can be quickly rolled up and secured with strong convenient Velcro® straps allowing you

2. Click out tail rail.

New “LeverLock™” corners allow you to attach or remove your tail rail instantly. No tools or screws required. “LeverLock™” corner attachments firmly hold your tail rail in place.

3. Click off Monster Bows.™

Extang’s MONSTERBOWS™ have been designed tall and wide making them super strong. They click off with one hand.

No Tugging
All Season Design

No tuggingyour tarp in cold weather! Extang makes the only fully adjustable tonnos that work well in cold climates.